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Latest News

New gene therapy for pseudarthrosis

News 4 days ago

A new ‘false joint’ therapy treatment has been tested for the first time by Kazan University’s Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology. A team headed by Professor Albert Rizvanov, director of the Gene and Cell Technologies Open Lab, created a […]

ACR 2016: Immuno-Metabolism: Energetics and Inflammation in RA/ OA

News 2 weeks ago

Macrophages and dendritic cells are the front line in immunity, but pro-inflammatory stimuli can shift their entire metabolism toward glycolysis and away from oxidative phosphorylation. The altered metabolic pathways can drive cytokine production to produce damage in joints and possibly […]

ACR 2016: 24 videointerviews in 1 overzicht! Klik hier…

News 2 weeks ago

iRheumatologist was in Washington D.C. aanwezig om een dagelijks een videojournaal te maken. In totaal hebben wij 29 interviews opgenomen, waarvan onderstaande selectie elke dag per email nieuwsbrief is toegezonden. Heeft u de email nieuwsbrief gemist? Geen probleem. Preview Selecteer de dag van […]